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    I've called the 5 corporate stores in my area. And of the 3 that now have the PP+ in stock, when I asked them if they would sell it for the no-commitment pricing, they all said they are only doing upgrade or new activations. Is this normal over the phone? Do I need to go in the actual store and demand no-committment pricing or are they usually strict about this rule in store as well?
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    I got mine via no-committment on Sunday. Just show up with cash in hand.
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    They're lying. They just want commission for activations.

    It's a store policy, there's no corporate policy to say they can't sell without activation.
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    Ah, so it's store by store. Called another one and they said the same thing. Looks like all the ones around me are 'mandating' activations.
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    show up with cash...
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    Hmm.. I'm planning to buy with credit card...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    Hmm.. I'm planning to buy with credit card...
    Same here. Looks like they're going to make it as difficult as possible for us Might just have to suck it up and get some cash somehow!
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    i would just show up with your credit card.

    i think 399 for this phone is relatively cheap.

    when i went to buy one, they would sell outright but when they found out that i didnt have an account, they said they couldnt sell to me. i told them that the day before the launch that i had talk with one of their supervisor/manager and that i could possibly use it with my prepaid sim and that i could buy one. after that, the rep did some confering and then told me that since the supervisor/manager told me what he did, that they would make an exception for me.
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    Yeah, the local manager told me the Pre wasn't coming out until late summer so.. Not sure how good my chances are of telling them that story :P
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    if you walk in, they have to take your money... If not, you should be able to call customer service and order one...
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    dont call, just go in. what do you have to lose.
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    I called to confirm their stock and then drove into the store. Got halfway thru the process of upgrading my wife's account to get the phone ( I have iPhone already), and when I found out my wife's acct would have to add the 30 a month data plan I cancelled. They weren't thrilled but acquiesed and then sold the Pre to me outright. They didn't blink an eye.

    400 isn't a bad price for a phone like this. I've always bought unlocked phones, the iPhone was my first exception, and work paid for that. Smartphones aren't worth what they charge, but universally they aren't cheap.

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