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    Is there a Good FM transmitter that also charges the PRE, because of no BT on either of my radios.
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    Hey, people recommended the Motorokr T505 to me cause I don't havebluetooth on my radio either. It connects to the phone via bluetooth, but plays calls and songs over the fm. Also controls the music player. It doesn't charge the Pre, thoug. I got one on ebay for 40 bucks, it was cheaper than getting a plain fm transmitter. They're like $60 in stores.
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    I use the FlexSmart Car Mount System. it is one of the better/stronger transmitters I have used, I am in the Boston area and it is crazy difficult to find a blank/weak station. it mounts to your lighter port, is sturdy and has enough power to charge the phone while running Sprint Nav and Pandora.
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    i use the soundfly bluetooth -- it works very well -- i have mode switcher set to turn on the bluetooth when i set the phone on a bluetooth soo.. when i set the phone on the touchstone in the car the phone auto connects to the soundfly -- no thinking from me which is good - sound quality is good -- it is easily portable --good

    if you have mode switcher and you set the default to have bluetooth off when you pick the phone up off of the touchstone it will answer and disconnect the BT ..
    too much information i know but i like the transmitter too
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