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    In the wake of my most recent experience with the USB mode (and subsequently ****.vfat ), I'm seriously considering reformatting the media-store volume as ext3. Has anybody tried this? Does anybody know what ramifications this would have?

    I am aware that it will probably mean that my USB mode won't work in Windows any more, but since I don't own a computer that only runs Windows, I don't have a problem with that.
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    Accessing ext2 or ext3 under Windows should work transparently with this:
    Ext2 IFS For Windows

    The /media/internal part of fstab would have to be changed from vfat to ext3 and the partition converted to ext3.

    After losing a lot of data, probably due to vfat's low tolerance for errors, I too would be very interested in finding out if this is possible at all.

    Can someone with some proficiency in Linux and a spare Pre to mess around with, maybe look into this?
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    I have that same question.

    I have a HP TouchPad and the Fat FS 4GB file size limit is a real pain as most of 720p mkv movies are 4.7 GB. (I won't re-encode them)

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