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    Hey guys, I've been browsing for some time but haven't really posted, but I need a bit of help with my Palm Pre. =)

    I've installed the homebrew app that allows me to use Facebook Chat on my messaging, but now all my Facebook contacts are synced into my Contacts, which I kinda wanted to keep separate, especially since some people have put 999 as their contact number. =| I managed to unsync them when I put the Facebook App on, but they seem to have reappeared. Is there anyway to remove them? As I cannot do it manually. Or should I remove the messaging account when I'm finished with it then re-add it when I'm done?

    I use a Palm Pre with o2 in England.

    (Also is there a quicker way to delete contacts and such? Like via a PC? Since my Pre has duplicated them all and changed names like 'Bert And Audrey' to 'And Audrey, Bert')

    Thanks guys!

    Palm Pre Forever! =D
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    Go into the Contacts app, and remove Facebook. They'll all disappear.

    I figured out early on, it's better to let the Pre pull what it wants, than to try to delete them. Instead of deleting them, manage them. Use the contact app to modify "And Audrey, Bert" - open the contact, select Edit, swipe down the top left menu and select Name Details, change FIRST NAME to Bert and Audry, and LAST NAME to whatever their last name is. Save, and then link the two entries so they show up as one.

    Just one example.
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    Yep, this is the biggest downfall of the facebook app.

    There is no way to pick and choose which contacts to sync or to not sync at all.

    So I just use the web interface. It suffices for what I use facebook for.
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    Hi guys, I'm sorry but I don't think I explained my problem properly, the Facebook APP contacts aren't on my contacts but it looks like since I've added *accountname* to my IM all the contacts have been added that way.
    Any help?
    Thanks left.

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