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    I am getting a Palm Pre' that has been flashed to Cricket. Will I be able to download and run Pandora?
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    Well as long as you are in the US you should have no issue using pandora. That is as long as you have some sort of data connection. Do not know how that works with cricket.
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    I would like to see someone write up a review on how easy/hard it is to put a Pre on Cricket, and what works/doesn't work on that Network. Hopefully someone who's done it will take the time to talk about the experience.
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    I'm sure you'll be able to download and use it. The real question is what are the data prices like with Cricket?
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    Looking at their website, I can't figure out where apps like Pandora would fit into their pricing. They aren't pricing a 'data' plan per-se, but break it into groups like email, video, web, navigation, etc... Wonder if the Pandora app would be seen as a web item for pricing.
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    The thing with cricket is that it might and might not work. Sometimes when flashing some features may not work on a phone like internet and such. Cricket uses special prices i belive only voice is like 25 or 35 and i believe internet and messaging unlimited is 45 a month. If your data works, you will have no problems using pandora on your new webOS device.
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