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    for the person who wanted aim, check out IM+ in the app catalog, it works really well.
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    Jus gotta new Pre Plus on at&t. I am a former Sprint Pre owner so I'm very familiar with it, even did some preware and other homebrew.

    I have not done anything to this one yet outside restore my profile but it really left a lot of things out and brought back old contacts I know I erased.

    Anyways, it will not allow me to add IM accounts nor individual contacts.

    Should I take it back or is there something I can do to fix those two issues?

    Also, one good thing; it came with a toucstone back, I got the wirefly deal so I didn't get the dock, but the Pre was free and 'plus' lives up to the name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Convert View Post
    the first 30 days free - after $9.99 per month for unlimited access
    Is there a non fee based solution such as we had with the 650 and Seido cradles ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    OMG Jack! Where the heck did you come from?
    What a longtime its been.
    Glad to see you.
    Well, the Treo 650 worked .... once I had everything i wanted on it, I soon found that lotsa things I thought were cool to do on a phone .... just didn't make sense from a productivity standpoint. .... if I am typing more than a paragraph, I fire up a laptop....I dropped e-mail on the Treo as I got tired of typing w/ my thumbs and I'm never that far from my laptop as I knock out about 5,000 words a day.

    Since the 650 .... phones seemed to have more towards entertainment devices than productivity tools and I'm really not interested in the former ...

    However....being satisfied with the 650 has given me little reason to spend time here in TC seems no Palm (non Windows Mobile) device was ever coming to AT&T and so I am quite uneducated as to current offerings.
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    I got my Pre Plus in the mail a few days ago, and the touchstone charger.

    So far, so good! I love the simplicity of webOS and the gesture area is really quite nice to use after a awhile. At times I wish there were a "back" button but I'll get used to it.

    Plus, the size of the phone is so cute and purse friendly. I love it!

    Right now, I've been able to add some patches to it and tweaks, but not themes yet.

    I donated to MyTether so I can have a mobile hotspot, and I'm still working through it.

    The keyboard is not as bad as I anticipated, it's actually quite nice to use, and not as nice as my BlackBerry keyboard, but pretty good considerings its depth and sizes.

    As a phone it does the job well. I get good 3G signal in my area from AT&T so I don't have any problems on that end. The dial sound is cool, as well! I feel nostalgic when I here the tone sounds after punching in numbers

    The App catalog is a little underwhelming at times when I browse through the Apple App Store on my iPod touch. But, I've found a number of nice apps, and so far, have purchased 1, TweetMe for Palm. FANTASTIC twitter app w/notifications! Speaking of notifications, they're elegant, and the little symbols of the email/tweet/SMS notification are so cute, lol. way better than the incessant red blink of a blackberry or pop-up system of my ipod touch.

    I'm still getting used to the OS, but honestly, it's very easy to get used to. I'm a college student, and it fits all the "social networking" needs, and is good for emailing and more pratical stuff as well.

    I do hope there will be more developer support for webOS. I'd love to see OFFICIAL apps for Google (Gmail, etc), Tumblr, Amazon & Kindle Reader (!), BANK OF AMERICA, etc. I'm waiting to see what TweetDeck for their mobile web client. Should be interesting.

    Overall, my initial impressions of my AT&T Palm Pre Plus are quite good & very positive (as if you can't tell by this long post).

    You'll be see more of me around the forums.

    Also, the community is so helpful and answers all my (noob) questions. Just want to say thanks!
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    Nice review Edwina. I like much Web OS as well and I'm sure now that Palm is HP, there will be more support for it's app catalog. On my iPhone I wish Web OS would have the equivalent:

    Outlook sync & bookmark sync (full sync support for Outlook notes, calendar, contacts and task as well as full sync support for Internet bookmarks)


    Documents to go (needed for school)
    Florida Lotto app
    CNN app

    please Web OS developers, bring your version onboard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by c_legaspi View Post
    did you see this po$t.... havent used it and so dont know if it works but he says its free

    just looked at it, might not be what your looking for
    As far as I know, Palm's DTA doesn't transfer notes, only calendar and contacts and it's a one shot deal, it transfers them and then after that they are separate entities. No further sync'ing.
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    it does do notes. They end up in the memos apps, but it will transfer notes over from outlook, I did it when I first got my pre 2 weeks ago. It is a one shot deal though. I was able to find a program called notes in the app catalog, and they work really well (think of the iPhone notes program, but on steroids). It can't sync yet, but it is coming, I spoke to the developer. I believe him because when I first got it there was no way to bacl up your notes and he e-mailed me saying he was working on a solution to that, and a week later an update came out and now all my notes are backed up to google docs automatically. The program I think is either $2.99 or $3.99, I don't remember right now.
    iPhone 4s 64gb for personal, at&t Prē 3 for business. Best of both worlds.
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    People realize AIM is included in the Messaging App built into the Pre/Pre+ right? No need to download an additional client unless you just want a different UI/features, but for basic IM on the AIM network, the built in one works fine.
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    I'd like to know if the at&t network is more dependable 3g for pre uders than the poor reputation it earned with iphone users.

    is the 3g performance and coverage ood? Is there much of an issue with dropped calls?

    it would be cool if all the stuff aple blames on at&t was actually the fault of the iPhone!

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    well, where I live we have great at&t coverage, so I never really had a problem with the iPhone, however the earpiece is louder, calls are clearer, and download speeds are a little faster when compared to the 3g I was using before. Also the shape of the pre makes it significantly more comfortable to use as a phone, I dreaded receiving phone calls on my iPhone and usually call them back on my work phone (flip phone, Nokia).

    also to be fair, apple never blamed anything on at&t, apple fans and their paparatzee (twit, gizmodo, cnet) would.
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    iPhone 4s 64gb for personal, at&t Prē 3 for business. Best of both worlds.
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    I gotta agree with JackNaylorPE "phones seemed to have more towards entertainment devices than productivity tools."

    I love my new AT&T Pre, but the lack of the Find feature like the Treos and prior Palm PDA's had kinda put a damper on my enthusiasm. Not being able to fully search Contacts and Calendar is just plain wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chestvrg View Post


    Documents to go (needed for school)
    Florida Lotto app
    CNN app

    please Web OS developers, bring your version onboard.
    I'm also hoping for PayPal, eBay, Docs to go, plus a few other apps.
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    Came from a Palm Centro that I loved and was waiting for what seemed like forever for this to come out. I am enjoying it thoroughly and learning more each day that makes it even better. I just read that att is changing data plan pricing/limits. They seem to be going backward instead of forward on things. But love the Palm Pre Plus!
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    I'm actually loving the phone not so much the data speed during peak hours. Its probably all the iphone and blackberry users killing the speeds. I have full 5 bars but during peak Im looking at no more than 70kbps.
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    All the BlackBerry users killing the speeds? Do you know that BlackBerry servers compress all the data on their end, which probably makes it the most efficient smartphone in terms of data usage?
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    Well I've been enjoying my At&T Pre, but today we took back my wife's to exchange it after only 2 weeks - it had daily multiple resets and had issues turning on.
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    I love it :]
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcjcd View Post
    I do have a question if anyone can help me. I have downloaded the virtual keyboard but it says its not yet available on 1.4.2. Does anyone know when it will be available because that keyboard might be the last step to me never going back to a blackberry.
    Update your Preware and try again. I have it, it's nice, once you get used to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daisys Mom View Post
    Update your Preware and try again. I have it, it's nice, once you get used to it.
    THANKS! I got it.
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