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    IMAP incoming server port: 993 with SSL encryption enabled
    SMTP outgoing server port: 25 without SSL encryption

    your name: jeloPRE gassus
    your email address: gassus@***
    account type: IMAP
    incoming mail server: webmail.***
    SMTP outgoing server: (personally since i have comcast also i just used
    username: gassus
    password: denoahone
    require SPA: NO

    example 2 (non exchange school email)

    IMAP incoming server: 143
    SMTP outgoing server: 25
    incoming mail server:
    outgoing mail server:
    email address:
    username: someone
    password: bleep

    those 2 successfully worked when i tried it on my microsoft office 2007

    thank you mytether
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    Ok... I'm not sure what you're trying to get across.
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    Duuuuude... did you REALLY just post your Username and Password your email? I hope that first set was just another example and not actual info...

    Taking it that all that info is just example stuff (it's late here and I'm overly tired)... I agree with santos... I don't have any idea what you are talking about either. Kind of a random post so far...
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    cool story bro
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    not random... i remember pre owners was having that problem with school emails and found a solution to help them

    thank you mytether
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    I sort of have an idea what the OP is trying to do, but won't always work with all educational institutions.(depending on who configs the servers) Especially those that adopt Google Apps, in which case you can usually just add your info via Contacts App and syncs perfectly.

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