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    so i bought a sprint pre off craigslist as my *cough* wicked cool Instinct touchscreen finally craped out on me.. im due for a upgrade but didnt want to use it as i had a feeling there would be some cool new palm phone in a few months that i might upgrade to...

    So i now am immersed in this just way cool webos thing... I have been on this site for months reading it everyday to see what i am well aware of patches..homebrew...apps etc.. (had phone few hours and already got preware loaded quickinstall on comp..uploaded a few patches too woo hoo

    i will have to say comming from a instinct i feel like im using a phone from the year 2040... i didnt mind the instinct but besides hacking it to tether, that was about the coolest thing it could do lol

    i was terrfied to get a pre because the way the some people make it sound it takes 30 min to load an app and crashes when u have more then 1 card open etc....well besides the google maps takin a bit to load i dont see what the fuss is all about ??? maybe that will change...?? Happy for now

    ok heres where im waisting no time trying to patch, brew whatever... but i see some apps people saying they love but cant seem to locate them...reading over the Getting started threads i cant quite wrap my brain around all this quite yet...
    Is there a difference between a patch and a app? IE: is homebrew and patches found in same section? lookin for jstop or 4x4 icons for instance couldnt find them in the homebrew catalog on this site or on the webos quick install program dropdown menu.
    Lookin in the wrong place?

    I cant seem to get a link to get the device temp patch either...

    any other tips to offer a newb that helped u please share...this community seem awesome and lots of support...
    despite the sprint store employee today trying to as he said "strongly discourage me from having a pre" i went ahead anyways... he said palm is a struggling company and i said "hp just bought them i dont think they will have problems with money anymore" he had no idea. He said the hero was a much better choice android blah blah blah... i smiled and just said thanks for ur concern but i like webos.. i wasnt going to argue as i fear i might cause a scene in the store lol...

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    to find the patches open wosqi, tap tools then tweaks and all the patches will show up. tap tools and manage device to see all your downloads and too uninstall. from wosqi main page, you will notice a green down arrow tap that for all the apps. have fun
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    I think you will get a better answer soon enough ....but seems like everyone in the forums is reading about the GSM Pre Release today hehe. (thats what I been doing for the past 45 mins then stumbled upon yer post).Anways like I said earlier,I think in simplest terms ... the Homebrew Apps are developers having made applications to run on the Palm Pre for you name it .. whatever your desire may be and the Patches are also from developers which give shortcuts to the Palm Pre device for example I noticed someone wanting to be able to disable the 3G data radio from the drop down menu up top of screen instead of having to go to the phone application and then go to "preferences" and disable it there.So someone developed a shortcut to disable it from the main screen.Of course many other patches like overclocking the processor to adjusting the brightness of the keyboard ...
    Hope it gives you what ya asked
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    Congrats on choosing to give WebOS a shot... You're going to have an eye-opening experience with this OS!

    Actually, not to disagree with hatchettJack... WOSQI is one way to access patches and apps, but installing Homebrew apps and patches is most easily done through Preware.

    Homebrew apps are just that.. applications (games, media, news, productivity, etc...). Patches are different as they will add specific functionality (tweaks) to your device. The 4x4 icons functionality is a Patch as it is simply adding a 'tweak' to your device, whereas JStop service is a full Application. If you open up Preware, and select: List of Everything>Application>All> simply start typing JSTOP, and you will see it come up.

    For the 4x4 Icons patch.. you go to Available Packages>Patch>App Launcher... you will find the 4x4 Icons patch listed.
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    get preware for your patches, themes and apps. then remember that the amazing thing that preware is - it was built and maintained by volunteers...

    remember that in webOS lingo rom = patch
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    I would stick to Preware to doownload all your homebrew apps and patches. They can all be installed on device and don't need to be tethered and you will find that it is a lot easier to manage updating them if you install them through preware.
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    Welcome to webOS, just follow the advice posted above and enjoy your Pre.
    "Patience, use the force, think." Obi-Wan

    Ready to try Preware? Get this first: Preware Homebrew Documentation
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    may I recommend overclocking your pre?
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    First of all the App Catalog on your Pre has all of the official webOS apps for your phone but for many of the cool apps "people say they can't live without," you have to go to the unofficial Homebrew community. Luckily for you, you've come to the right place as Precentral is pretty much ground zero for discussion of Homebrew apps for webOS.

    Now patches are just what their name implies, little snippets of code which change how your phone behaves, there are patches which control how when your speakerphone activates, how your menus look, and how your browser downloads data. Whatever they do, patches are part of the Homebrew scene too.

    The first thing you need to do is install webOS Quick Install (WOSQI). WOSQUI allows you to install all of the Homebrew apps and patches. But most people will just use it to download Preware which is sort of alternative app catalog which can install all of the Homebrew apps and patches as well as web and Beta apps which are apps which have not yet been approved for the regular Palm App Catalog. Preware is fairly easy to use, it takes a while for it to download all the app feeds but once it has done so, you can just browse through the apps or just type in search terms for the apps that you want.

    Good luck. I'm sure you will find Preware and Homebrew to be fun and wildly addictive.
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