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    if its just other people complaining about how they hear you, it may be that the microphone is being covered by your face. the microphone is located on the face of the phone on the bottom left of the gesture area (its a tiny little hole) and sometimes (especially if i'm holding the phone on my left ear with my shoulder) my cheek covers the microphone and the other person hears me all muffled.

    Will screen protectors muffle this hole any?
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    Quote Originally Posted by arvindve View Post
    Call quality has been great. 3G network has been decent at best...dropped to Edge a couple of times...
    Another irritating thing is that AT&T doesn't let us turn off 3G...this kinda sucks at places where 3G is patchy and and data speed takes a hit. This also ruins my battery life...
    Is there any patch to force it to the relatively battery-sipping EDGE service?
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