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    Hi guys, I am new to Webos and about to get the new Palm Pre plus on ATT. But I'm concerning one thing, the IM cost, say Gtalk. If I chat on Gtalk using the messaging app, will it use the messaging quota?

    Thanks guys!
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    Nah, Palm just consolidates it into the messaging app. Gtalk uses data.
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    Thanks, So my Gtalk will always be online?
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    Yes, Google Talk is live as long as you are signed in. It is transparent and the notifications are identical to the SMS type. Just has the Google Talk logo in the message thread.
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    Thanks, it's so cool to have Gtalk always online without wasting lots of RAM and it only uses data. I like this.
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    AIM and yahoo messaging accounts can co-exist in the messaging app as well....
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    windows live too, jabber, etc, and you can use gtalk for facebook chat with the facebook chat spoof or use the facebook chat plugin
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    Do you mean MSN? I did not see this on the offical Pre plus webpage. only Gtalk and AIM.
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    While being signed into your IM services won't waste RAM or cost you like text messages, it WILL drain your battery quicker than if you were signed out. In my case, I lose about 6% of my battery in an hour when signed into GTalk but only about 2% when not. YMMV, just try it out yourself The Pre rocks, but its biggest shortcoming is definitely its battery life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JunM View Post
    Do you mean MSN? I did not see this on the offical Pre plus webpage. only Gtalk and AIM.
    It's not built in, you will need to get the install files from the respective thread on the forum. Search "Messaging Plugin"
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    Thanks all the posts above.
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    you will love the im experience, it's so integrated. You will forget about the difference between texting and iming, hopefully palm will have windows live and some other stuff officially integrated into the system.

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