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    The music sounds really tiny. I wasn't sure until I had it hooked up to my car stereo and "Bad Romance" played over slacker radio a few minutes after I heard it on the radio. Yes, the music was clearer, but bass was non-existent. Is there any way to fix that?
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    not really. You could try a better set if plugs. It took me about 3 tries to find something I liked under $100... Also, I don't know what kind of stereo you're using in your car or if you're using a FM Mod. as a input..
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    not until you get the bose on-ear headphones! they boom!!
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    are you sure it isn't slacker radio.
    I have use my FM modulator with the Pre and My Ford Premium sound in my F-150 Bass speaker that takes up under 3/4 of the back seat. And it the bass sounds great. My test is "Business" Eminem.
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    Ya I've noticed that too, both my car speakers and klipsch earphones. My zune sounds great though. It is the pre and no slacker, pandora does this also.
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    my pre kicks my 14" just fine on pandora and from the music library. You sure it isn't your sound system?
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    omg people its the pre sound output it lacks bass! i have a full JL audio system in my truck and i can tell the difference between devices. so stop saying it the sound system or input cables.
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    my pre has an almost completely flat EQ response. The only explanation I can think of for your situation is that you have an EQ or "bass boost" limiting the highs on your radio, and/or that your ssound system isn't properly wired/filtered to send bass to your subs and highs to your tweeetss
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    I have no issue in my bathroom. If you are wondering what I mean, I have a 2.1 system in their that I use pandora with when I take a shower.
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    Quote Originally Posted by djfu3l3r View Post
    omg people its the pre sound output it lacks bass! i have a full JL audio system in my truck and i can tell the difference between devices. so stop saying it the sound system or input cables.
    The fact that the system itself is good doesn't mean much. If the front AUX port on your system is lacking, the sound quality will too.

    Likewise, it doesn't matter how good your system is, if you're using a crappy un-shielded cable, the sound being fed into your JL audio is going to suck.

    Think of it like an HDTV. It doesn't matter if you have one of the high end samsung LED TVs and a good quality blueray player if you connect them with a $5 cable and RF interference messes with the signal.

    Plug a different media player into the port, test the sound without artificially boosting the bass on that device. If it plays great, it's your pre, but only YOUR pre because other people are not generally having the same problem. If it's still lacking in base, it's either the cable you're using or your system has a sucky front AUX.
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    Try turning the Pre's volume up when using the
    headphone jack. I found the bass response was
    lacking when volume was anything less than nearly

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    My system's front input is a hybrid audio/video (avic f710bt) through what looks like a headphone input. It might be that. I'll research it at home with my headphones.
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    Dont waste your time.

    Quit using Pandora and Slacker. Both of them use relatively low bitrates I think. I stream pandora through my laptop no problem, but I think they 'dumb it down' a little for mobile users.

    RadioTime works great and some of the stations even stream up to 192kb/s bitrate audio. Its the only audio program I've downloaded that doesnt sound like garbage over my home and car speakers.
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    Bass sounds just fine over my Motorola HT820 stereo bluetooth headset and the sound system in my bathroom (early 90s 2.1 sound system that cost 2000DM when it was new, and since it still works I see no reason to just throw it away. Nothing special by today's standard but pretty far up the high-end 17 years ago). Then again, I mainly listen to Rock music and don't need earth-moving bass.
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    turn pre's volume up to 100% or it will sound like *** still does but it's better
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    Internet radio has limited bandwidth and also I noticed that the earbuds that came with the Pre are lacking in bass. Try an aftermarket set of earphones/earbuds.
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    The bass on my Pre hasn't been very good. The rainbow and brown trout have been excellent though.'s how I read the thread title.Just woke up.
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    i love bass fishing and listening to pandora on my pre.... maybe your just not a good fisherman
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    I think it is just the phone. I use a pair of speakers at work that sounded loud and clear with my iphone. With the pre turned all the way I can barely hear anything at all.
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    Bass is good with Bose in ear buds.
    Pandora sounds almost as good as my Ipod.
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