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    I'm very thankful they had just 1 in stock. Very disappointing considering it actually comes with a touchstone backing. None of the other PRE's give you this. This mall, btw, is the 2nd biggest (and busiest) in Iowa. 1 on launch day...
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    Place i got mine only had 1 as well
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    The AT&T store I visited had 5, and all were sold out before 10 am. I sure hope Palm is planning to ship out a lot more to stores next week while the advertising picks up.
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    I sense project jump-start part two coming up any time now!
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    That's worse then the Sprint first day. Palm still can't get it right.
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    they got something right. They got you to buy one.
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    Mine told me that the Palm Pre wasn't due for release until late summer.

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