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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    He drove down and bought it from an AT&T store. No online reseller shipping to Canada has the US Pre Plus yet.
    In summary,
    1). He purchased an AT&T Pre Plus in the USA at an AT&T Retail store.
    2). Brought it to Canada
    3). Installed a WebOS meta doctor image, skipping First Use (activation and Palm profile creation) so he could perform the NextGen Unlock process.
    4). He unlocked it using the NextGen unlock process so he could use it on Telus Canada with his Telus SIM card.
    5). He manually entered the network settings for Telus.
    6). After unlocking the device, and manually entering the Telus network settings, he ran the First Use app (for language selection, activation, and palm profile creation).

    mafiaboy01 - we'd like to document the exact process you used for the benefit of other Canadians wanting full US App catalog access on their Unlocked GSM Pre/Pre Plus's so please chime in and confirm step 6 - in the process - that you ran First Use at this juncture and if you did, which SIM card (Telus or AT&T) did you use to do it (VERY IMPORTANT).

    After performing steps 1 - 6, He has access to the full US App Catalog, Free and Paid apps - on the Telus network in Canada.

    Note regarding step 6 - We know that Palm requires us to have a Palm Profile before they will allow our Pre's and Pixi's to access the Palm App Catalog. From my experience, performing the activation step on an unlocked GSM Pre/Pre Plus is only necessary so the device can be used to create or setup the Palm Profile, and unlike CDMA Palm Pre's/Pixi's, activation is not used for "carrier" activation. The radios on Unlocked GSM Pre's work just fine without activation, however, the Pam profile necessary for App Catalog access cannot be created unless language is selected, and then activation performed first (or can it ????) .

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    Those steps are a bit intertwined right (at least on GSM models).You select a language, get the Activated screen, and then proceed to create or log in to your profile.
    Yup, intertwined. That's exactly the point I was trying to make. Just wanted confirmation. I left out the language selection part. Good catch! I'm adding it now.

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    I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and donít necessarily represent AT&Tís positions, strategies or opinions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kjb86 View Post
    anyone else get a ATT version and is using it in canada on either of the big 3?
    My friend just bought an used AT&T Pre, original owner unlocked it at a local phone shop. He has the Canadian catalog.
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