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    So, I got a launch-day Pre Plus from AT&T (after returning the Verizon one for the GPS issue)..

    The build quality of this unit is noticeably less than its Verizon counterpart, and in fact is already starting to twist (especially when slid shut).

    My question is, should I wait and see if it gets worse, or should I go back to the store and request a replacement?

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    What's funny is the live demo Pre+ in ATT store today had a little twist/play. I couldn't evaluate closed position because ATT store had 2 sensors attached, one to the screen (couldn't close) and another to the back panel. It didn't seem too reassuring. I mean, it had more play than my 2 year old Nokia N95 8G
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    it's called the "oreo effect"

    it's sad that Palm still haven't addrssed thos issue still....

    annoying as hell
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    mine seems pretty solid. nothing that i deem excessive for a slider phone.

    maybe im a luck one or maybe its just not noticible or bothersome for me.
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    Thanks for the replies- but I'm wondering if I should exchange it for a different unit?
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    it's like a flip phone. The more you test it, the worse it gets. Like picking a scab so it cant heal.
    if you want zero slop: two drops of epoxy will hold it open, like an oversized pixi...

    mostly kidding. You should check it before they even set it up in the store. Once you are satisfied. Never twist it again because every time you check it, you make it worse...

    it will always be a little loose or you couldn't open it. Just remember how flip phones got loose over time. It's the same thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mkriedel View Post
    Thanks for the replies- but I'm wondering if I should exchange it for a different unit?
    No you should be fine with a little play. Mine has it and I checked another it had it too. Its just a little play when shut.
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    if you don't like it, exchange it..

    you will be using the phone everyday
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    What's strange is that dieter wrote that the build quality is solid and that there was no Oreo affect at all on his review unit. Hopefully you just got a bad one and that this isn't something that is still affecting the pre. I will let you know tommorow if mine does it, I plan on getting mine tommorrow mid day during my lunch break.
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    Because of the Pre's curved slider there has to be a little play in the slider. My launch day Pre has small amount of play in the slider, never really thought much of it, after 11 1/2 months it has stayed the same.
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    I probably would've never known about this oreo thing until reading this. I would've automatically think it was part of the hardware nature of the sliding mechanism - that there will be some sort of play. The degree and magnitude of how much it twists is another story but a slight twist seems normal to me, not gonna lose sleep over this.

    And just a note in general for myself and any new users, I think I'm gonna save myself from reading all the negative complaints or threads. I know it's good to know what is wrong with the phone but until I do "notice" something that I deem worthy to return or exchange, I will just leave it as is. If I do come across something that bothers me, I will search it and isolate that single issue and not live and die by every small flaw of the phone. I rather just enjoy it.

    New AT&T Pre+ user here, enjoying everything so far. Love it. Thanks for this forum for all the great info.

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