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    Hi folks,
    New to the Pre but not Palm. Encounterd first glitch today. Have a sprint Pre with 1.4.1 installed. Original Processor, a few patched ( time and date in Top bar), photo naming, scrim for contact background (although I haven't figured out how to scrim it yet) mostly simple stuff like that. Ferret theme installed. Want to learn the device before I over clock it. Classic installed. So that's the background. Was shopping today and needed to do simpe percentage calculations has anyone noticed there is no "%" key on the stock calculator? So I attempted to run a formula using decimals but the "x" key was not functioning! Well actually it functioned but wouldn't allow any other keys "+" or "-" to work!

    so I flipped over to classic and see my familiar "%" key the in that calculator HOWEVER it would not fourmulate either!

    Closed Classic then tried stock calculator again and my Pre locked up! NONE of the taps were registering! Not even the power button would respond! So I stuffed the Pre in my shirt pocket, kept shopping and ckecked it several minutes later. STILL ON AND NON RESPONSIVE! So I yanked the battery and set it into Reboot. That seemed to work. Calculator functioned on both stock and Classic. But has anyone else run into this? CURIOUS.
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    there are several calculators in the catalog that are better.
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    First the calculator does have %, just tap the space bar when in the app and the buttons will change.

    The freeze is an issue classic as far as I know. It is to do with the way it runs.
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    also. Hit the space bar for advanced options. Themes might disable that
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    press the space bar for more options when in the calculater app
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    twocalcfree is pretty good. Several you can get from preware that are nicer.
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    Press the space bar while in the Calculator to get percent.
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    1+1=2 is the better calculator app. Not updated to much but does what I need, and does it well. Written by Ryan Ghal. I'm going to send him a thanks & see if he'll update the skins...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjsamphex View Post
    Press the space bar while in the Calculator to get percent.
    Yep, that's the most direct solution to the OP
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    As far as scrims go, I think you have to add a folder called "scrims" in "media/internal" with a file named something like "browser-scrim.png" or "contact-scrim.png"

    I'm not sure what patch you have, but that's how I got mine to work. I hate the scrims for everything except the launcher menu and wish you could enable one but not the others..

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