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    And I have a question. It doesn't SEEM to be a big deal, but whenever I go into Themes, I get 2 error boxes, the first one saying "Error Reading Package List" and the 2nd is, "Cannot connect to package feed", underneath that is, ]http : //prethemer . com /feeds /preware /themes /Packages. I can hit OK on both of the errors, and THEN all available Themes will load up. I did install the latest version of Preware and I was under the assumption that you didn't have to add packages with it in the installation, so did I do something wrong in installing either Preware or WebOS Quick Install? Not a HUGE deal because everything seems to be working ok, outside of the error boxes. Thanks for any help!
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    Right now there are 1509 available themes from all the theme feeds. I'm betting you don't see all the themes. I get this error sometimes, when I restart preware the error goes away.
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    I do see all 1500 themes in Preware, but definitely not in WebOS Quick Install. The error boxes haven't gone away since I installed WebOS on my laptop. Doesn't seem to be a problem, as I can get in after hitting OK twice, the errors are kind of annoying though.

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