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    I just noticed on the att website that it says the pre includes tethering. Has anyone fiued out how that works? I'm assuming it's the oldschool method via usb to a single pc like we did with the treo and centro?

    I didn't see this in the precentral review but it's on the att website...
    Bluetooth. Turn on Bluetooth and connect your desktop to it via the PAN profile.

    Bell and O2 units can do that out of the box, only Sprint units can't. Should be similar.
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    I am on vz. I was asking to help out vkitty and others that are trying to use the vz mhs app when it appears the att phone has something already availale based on their website...
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    Quote Originally Posted by eserrano250 View Post
    @Vkitty do you know what version of mobile hotspot you have installed? On my sprint pre it's 1.0.14 and it works great
    I have version 1.0.14 as well

    Quote Originally Posted by vasekvi View Post

    I used quickinstall to install

    1. the mobile hotspot app
    2. freetetherd
    3. auto ip forwarding

    Here is the thread that I got the files from.
    I can confirm that this does indeed work, you can surf the internet at around 2mps.

    You should wait at least 3-5 mins before trying to surf after connection.
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