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    I installed the original 800 mhz overclock patch using the webos quickinstall method. Now I would like to uninstall it and replace it with the "uber kernel", but the original post explaining how to install and uninstall the original 800mhz patch has been removed! I'd like reasonable step-by-step instructions if possible...please don't respond with a "just type uninstall instead of install" post, that doesn't help. Thanks all...
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    800MHZ Patch -
    sh /var/home/root/ install

    you will observe the following in either case
    tar: Removing leading `/' from member names
    Please reboot

    Check CPU
    cat /proc/cpuinfo

    sh /var/home/root/ uninstall
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    I believe you go back into Webos QI and uninstall the application and patches associated. I hope that's how you do it because that's what I did.
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    Assuming you don't know what version/author you had previously installed then the 'safe' play would probably be to Doctor the phone. It isn't as painful as it sounds. And it would help ensure compatibility with the Uber Kernel.

    I doctored from this link here when I upgraded to the UberKernel:

    I had to re-install my patches I wanted but my apps re-installed automatically. (I took some screen shots from Preware to keep track of which patches I had installed)
    I was pleased with the process but I also like to wipe my computers occasionally and start from scratch as well.

    There is also a walkthru on it here:

    You should not have to do the Full or Partial Erase.

    And as a final link there is a nice discussion about doctoring and what is saved and what is not here:

    There are some options for backing up other items such as text messages but I didn't use them and am not familiar with the specifics.

    The good news is with the Uber Kernels development goals, orange+tap will work for kernel uninstall once you have it. So you won't have to remember which kernel you installed and how to uninstall it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalex View Post
    sh /var/home/root/ uninstall
    clearly says all

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