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    Hi all,

    I just noticed today when browsing my photos taken with my Pre, that the date and time doesn't seem to be set in the EXIF headers. This means that I have no way of telling when a photo was taken!

    I know there are the various patches that encode the date and time into the photo filename, but I was wondering if this was considered "normal" behaviour for the Pre ? If so, is there a fix (it seems totally broken behaviour for a camera to me)...

    This obviously messes up trying to keep things organised when importing photos into Picasa etc. as the only thing it has to go on is the file modification time.


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    I can confirm this is a problem and it seems to me this would be a relatively easy patch for someone with the skills to do. I lack these skills, but would definitely download and use a patch if someone made it. Of course, Palm could just fix it, but it seems a patch from someone here is much more likely. And just to put all the information in one place: the pre stores the date in the EXIF metadata as "modify date" instead of "date taken". Meaning that the information is there, just not in the correct field so therefore programs don't know to look for it. If you have a EXIF editing program such as Exifer you can copy it over. But a patch would be much cleaner.

    Also, it is worth noting that my wife's Pixi DOES store the "date taken" information appropriately.

    I know the Pre is capable of doing this since it stores other metadata, and since the Pixi does it. Due to all of this, I would think it would be a fairly quick and easy patch to make. Of course, I really don't know what I'm talking about...

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