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    This started last night. When people call me all I hear and THEY hear is static noise. It sometimes goes away, sometimes doesn't... but as of now my phone is near useless. I have the 800mhz Kernel installed, but rebooting or disabling it (leaving it at standard speed) doesn't make a difference.

    I am really starting to get tired of this phone....
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    unless you are in the wind or rubbing it against your beard while talking (or using a headset?) you have a problem with the phone - assuming your signal is good.

    people can't believe how much better my pre is than my previous phone (centro) or my wife's lg touch, etc. Call quality should be excellent or there is a problem could be you, the carrier, or the hardware. But it's a phone first and the pre has been reviewed and proven to be a good phone.
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    There's another Pre in the house and it doesn't have the problem so it shouldn't be that. This phone is a replacement one and has been giving me problems for a few days now. Will go and ask for a new repair though... can't believe how bad the build quality was in this model I got. Even the USB Cover flew out this morning and my old 5 month Pre never had a problem with this.
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    test the next one before leaving. Even refurbs should be perfect oe hey woulldnt be refurs s they'd be used. Don't keep one if it isn't right.
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    The weird thing is that it was working perfectly for a few days, except it crashed randomly after screen went off. I found out that shaking the phone seems to help with the issue but for a few seconds so it should be wiring our something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Relix View Post
    The weird thing is that it was working perfectly for a few days, except it crashed randomly after screen went off. I found out that shaking the phone seems to help with the issue but for a few seconds so it should be wiring our something.
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    SAME THING happened to mine; and it is a replacement phone I just picked up.

    white statc noise, and this will be my 6 replacement or so...

    I believe it is a loose cable, slide your palm pre up, and press down on the lcd from the gesture/button area during a call: it will relieve the static noise. (do this for every all, which sucks)

    this will be a temp fix until my new replacement comes in tesday
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    It's really weird how once you've gotten a refurb replacement, you will have to bring it back in for repairs every week from then on in. It's almost like they don't really refurbish the phones but only swap broken phones between users, hoping that the new user of the broken phone won't have a problem with whatever prompted the first user to hand it back in.

    They do it differently in Germany - when you send your phone in, they repair it for you and give you back the repaired device, same IMEI and all. I actually think it's a better system; I had problems with Oreo at first (where the screen would move 3-4mm in either direction just by wiggling the back part, NOT the <1mm play that some people call Oreo effect in the Pre but wouldn't even notice in any other slider) and had it repaired within four days, no problems since. Well, O2 did try to con me out of €150 by scratching my Pre up and then saying it must have been me (ultimately without success), but that isn't really Palm's problem.
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    I went out and got another replacement. This one seemed newer and not refurbished but who knows, they re used the same battery that has been dying on me for about 6 months now. Meeeh.
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    I had the same issue on 3 of my Pres and have the same thing going on with my current Pre, which I am going to take in. Last time I took it in the Sprint repair store they said it failed the radio test. The refurbished one they then gave me is acting up the same way. I am going to take it in again to have it replaced and hopefully I can have them get me a new one, because every refurbished one I have had has had the same issue.
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    I have had static a couple of times in the last 11 1/2 months, it was just a bad connections causing the static.
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    I have been having this problem for the last month. It is bad. I had the original pre from release and is started doing this.

    Just got my refurb in today and its even worse..

    Is this a location issue I am in Michigan.
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    Nope, I am in NY and I have the same exact issue. Just started about a month ago-- this is my Sprint launch Pre. Pressing on it or tapping/shaking it sometimes relieves the static noise, but it really is a pain. Haven't brought it in for a replacement, because I am hoping my replacement can be the Pre 2!
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    I've been having the same problem. I just got mine in April brand new!! Last couple of days it seems like it's getting worse. That's the only answer is to take it in and have it replaced????
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    have you tried uninstalling the 800MHz kernel & install the replacement kernel then reinstalling the 800MHz kernel again. Maybe even a trip to the DR. (doesnt wipe the USB anymore)

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