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    Please only post if you actually bought an AT&T Pre. That way we can see from just the replies of how many were bought.

    Just curious to see how many at&t sells over a period of time.

    Please only post once.
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    yeah a poll sounds good. please delete
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    Actually anyone can try to see if they can get the Doctor for the AT&T Pre?

    The JAR file link is in the JNLP file download.
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    I added a Poll.
    I had to have two questions. It won't allow a one question poll.
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    Also, how many bought one that never come to this site??????? Ya think?
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    can you still edit it to say:
    i bought w/2 year contract
    i bought outright

    time for me to go see if my store is open.

    i just picked mine up. bought it outright. at first the rep wouldnt sell to me because i didnt have a regular account with them but they made an exception because i told them that the rep/manager that i had talked with yesterday said i could buy one outright.

    picked up my touchstone at radio shack before i bought my pre. good thing because i dont think i qualified for the touchstone since i bought it outright.
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    Got my Pre+ around 12:30. Called store in Waltham, MA around 12:05 that had one unit which was sold. Called 2nd store in Burlington, MA they had one unit which was in stock. The nice sale person put my name on it over the phone. I arrived at their store 20 minutes later. They could not give me a contracted price because I am on a corporate account which I expected. Paid $399 and getting free touch stone shipped to my home. Picked up a 3G Microcell for $150 to be sure home reception would be strong. Saleswoman said she received a 90 minute training. Left store with a new SIM card too which she was able to activate. SIM card is currently in my 680 while the Microcell finds the Satellites. The store asked me if I wanted it activated there. I declined since I prefer to take it home and do it my self.
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    Got to my local store in Vernon Hills, IL, about 10:45AM - the store opens at 11:00AM. I was first in line.

    While I was waiting at the door, a sales rep from Palm showed up - Steve was his name. He was there to assist the AT&T sales people and potential Palm customers with questions, I struck up a conversation with him, and he was of course very happy and impressed I was there for the Palm Pre Plus. He even asked if he could take my picture, to send to his managers - I said sure, why not? He was expecting to be there all day long. I told him I had been a long-time user of Palm products, and had been following the launch of the Pre very closely, followed news on, etc.

    After mentioning the merger with HP, one thing I asked him about was, what did he see being the biggest "drain" on resources for Palm, being in the smartphone biz? He said that it was probably marketing - he said that Verizon has spent something $200 Million(!) on marketing the Droid. I wasn't aware the figure was that high, and I could see what Palm is up against.

    When we finally got in, the sales person I met knew what the Pre Plus was, had mentioned that she had trained on a "virtual unit" over the web, and after getting my account info, went and got the actual phone. Steve from Palm was there to point out nifty features on the phone, and answer any questions I had.

    The process was a little slow, because they had never sold a Palm Pre before, but I didn't mind, as it gave me a chance to actually use the phone a little. I was out of there in about 1hr and 10 mins.

    They didn't know about the Touchstone promotion, but Steve was there to put them straight, and they got that settled as well, although because they didn't realize the promotion even existed, they ended up arranging to ship me the free Touchstone after they get things sorted out. Again, I didn't mind, since I had already picked up a couple of Touchstones from Radio Shack last week.

    Overall, the reps at least knew they were launching the phone today, and there were at least 2 reps who were pretty excited to sell me the phone, and at least one of them knew about the features of the phone, but if Steve from Palm wasn't there, I don't think they could have really shown me anything about using the Pre itself. I'm sure that will come with time.
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    Got mine, Atlanta, Ga.
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    i got mine. Unfortunately they didnt have any touchstones in store?!? ***, but they shipped one to my house for free thankfully
    I believe there was a palm rep at almost every corp store. Thats what our rep said anyways, they had actually sent some to Utah because there wasnt enough in the area lol
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    I got mine at 12, I was the only door buster but the store had 5+demo. I made them match the online add for a no rebate upgrade and free touchstone (They had some!), and to make the math work they threw in a free belt case! $162.33 walk out!
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    I paid 382.83 for mine. I got a ATT palm pre plus, touchstone kit, 2 cases, Jawbone icon and a car charger. I also get the hundred dollar rebate.

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    "pregansta" lol
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    Got mine when the store opened at 10am, waited outside with my girlfriend. This other guy showed up after but they gave it to us since we were waiting. We had the same touchstone issue so they shipped it to our house, were really nice about it.

    Perhaps Palm and AT&T under expected for this launch, I hope at least. I want this device to sell well! Got it home, put my iPhone 3G in the drawer.
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    Mo doubts everyone here agrees that Palm WebOS is far superior then iPhone 3GS OS. I love the way WebOS hides notifications specially for txt msgs that on my iPhone 3GS I get this disturbing big prompt notification in the middle of anything I may be doing.
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    Main store only had 1 in stock (I called yesterday and was told that) So I got there at 10 minutes before the store store opened. Took my AT&T sim out of my unlocked Mexican pre and put it into the new one.

    The once I left the store and it finished provisioning, I realized that the letter "A" key worked about 1/3 of the time. So called another store they had 1 - which they were kind enough to swap w/ no issues.
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    Welcome to WebOS all you AT&T peeps!
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    I bought the Pre Today. I also bought the AT&T branded Pre snapkit. It includes 2 kits for the Pre. One normal and one with the touchstone hole cut out. Awesome idea! I dunno if its worth $35...
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    does anyone have the wallpaper that came with the pre plus? id very much appreciate it thxkbai
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