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  • I bought an AT&T Pre.

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  • I also bought a Touchstone.

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    I got one today. I noticed someone else mentioning that the sales reps were not aware of the Touchstone deal. The one that helped me was not either, but after checking it out online they gave it to me. Did anyone else have issues.
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    I was the first Pre+ sale at the Pacific Place AT&T store in Seattle. They didn't have any Touchstone-only packages in stock, though I could have purchased the full Touchstone. They'll ship me the Touchstone tomorrow, though I could have gone back down to pick it up.

    The sale went pretty smoothly, and I even pointed the rep here in case people had issues. Provisioning was smoother than I'm used to with AT&T, as well.
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    a bump to see if anymore out there bought the att pre plus
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    Bought the Pre Plus on launch day at a corp store in Woodland Hills, CA (suburb of L.A.)--this is a fairly good sized store with at least 6 or 7 people working at all times. They thought they had two in stock but actually only had the one I got. Rep was very nice but knew nothing about the phone, pricing, rebate, touchstone. He did know enough to force me onto a higher priced data plan than my old media max 200 that for $20 included unlimited data and 200 texts. No touchstone in stock so he is going to send me one when it comes in (they seem very eager to ship these things from all the reading on here). I paid $249 then got the $100 rebate form and the $50 loyalty discount.

    The phone is terrific, although on my first drive to the office yesterday there was a period of time that I kept getting a network busy notificiation even though I could receive calls and had 5 bars--I am hoping it truly was a busy network issue and not a phone issue.

    Oh and the palm 90 free set up support is terrible. Anybody with access to the internet or this board don't even waste your time....
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    Got mine this afternoon, Pittsburgh PA. Found out afterwards that my store only had the one in stock, and someone had been in asking about it before me but decided not to buy ( I was there about 1:30PM). Also got the free Touchstone charger (also in stock) and $100 rebate.

    Was kind of dissappointed when I first started playing with it, but now that I've got Preware up and running I'm starting to like it more and more.
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    Got mine Sunday morning. Free after rebate with corporate discount.
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    Ordered mine yesterday...anxiously awaiting it's arrival via Fedex...hoping it comes tomorrow since I'm off work!
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    Bought mine with a contract extension on the release date - bought the first one at the store. The sales rep had good Palm training and there was even a Palm rep there. I went back yesterday and bought their last one in stock for my wife. Another guy was in there wanting to buy one, so they had to send him to a different store that had one left in stock.
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    though this poll is just a gage and only limited to people who are visitors or guess to this site, i kind of thought there would have been more than 41 as of this post who bought at&t pre's.

    dont know if this could be considered good or bad. probobly ok considering no mass marketing.
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    I got mine a few days ago and am loving the fact that I can now leave my Palm Zire 31 at home.
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