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    Will they be getting the new at&t Pre Plus? If anyone has heard anything, please let me know! I really wanna join the pre community, but at&t retail stores have those dastardly mail in rebates that are pretty much a deal breaker for me.
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    Word on the street is the mail in rebate is history..

    EDIT - maybe not according to one who bought in store
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    radioshack sells AT&T phones as well, might want to check there as well
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    Well the funny thing is I work for RadioShack, and I know we never do mail in rebates. However, we aren't selling the phone, at least not at launch. To be completely honest, I just want it now. I discovered however that I can order it from at&t's website and I don't have to pay the mail in rebate, plus it's free overnight shipping!
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    I buy all my phones from the carrier site. I don't understand why anyone buys them from big box retailers
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    was in Best Buy tonight asking about the AT&T Pre + and they did not have any nor did they know when/if they'd be getting them in. Apparently corporate bases their purchasing decisions on how popular they believe a certain phone will be. They had both the Verizon and Sprint Pre's but i guess I can see them being a little apprehensive about carrying a third Pre. it's anyone's guess at this point.

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