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    I've Doctored my Pre three times. Each time when it comes back up it won't let me add apps, saying I don't have enough memory when there's more than 12Mb remaining. Then unexpectedly it will restart and get stuck on a solid Palm logo.

    This has happened several times and I'm not sure what to do.
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    Probably time to replace it. Sorry, just went through something similar. Phone froze at the Palm screen. Doctored it 4 times, seemed to go through the process, never came up past the Palm screen. Just got a new one.
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    It is time for a replacement. It happened to my wife's Pre.
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    Bummer. Bummer. Bummer. I wonder what happened???
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    I wanted a pre badly when they first came out - I've had mine for about 8 mths now. I pretty much despise it any more though, its slow as Christmas on boot, to load apps, etc. Seems like the more updates Palm does, the ****tier it gets....

    Solve your problem... take a hammer to it!! LOL
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    NO NO NO

    Don't get a replacement...
    Orange + SYM + R.

    That's the fix.
    I don't know why people don't search. If you search "Palm stuck boot" you'll find the answer.
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    Nah ... I love this phone. I love WebOS. It's been really easy to use. Fun to trick out with apps, patches, tweaks, themes. When it's sick, I can repair it fairly easily with the Repair Utility. It's a lot of fun. But this has just been a detrimental failure. I don't know what would have happened. It's a mystery.

    I've doctored and back to restoring my Exchange, Google, and Facebook accounts. But all my applications failed to load. When I go to load them, it tells me there's not enough memory. The memory test in Device Info tells me there's a memory issue, but I don't know the resolution to it. Code 3 in the Memory Hardware area. Just seems to be a catastrophic failure.
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    Seems like you already doctored.. Just know that Orange + Sym + R restarts the Pre. It fixes 90% of software oddities.
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    I have to do Orange Sym R everytime I reboot but it shouldn't have to be done.
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    No... One restart should fix the problem.
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    I appreciate the comments on restart w/ Option-Symbol-R. Believe me - I've tried this. Several times.

    I have a Code 3 Memory Error. This - to my knowledge - is unrecoverable.

    Am I wrong?
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    I'm in the process of doing a remote erase on my phone to see if this will fix the issue. In the meantime, I've been to the Verizon store and they were just as perplexed as to what may have happened. They couldn't even find mention of a Code 3 Memory Error in their system. Bizarre! So, I have another Pre on the way to me - should have in 2-3 days. But as a last-ditch effort, I am trying this remote reset. I'll report back and let you know if this works.

    Thanks for ALL of your help - great people on this forum!
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    Mine seems to be giving the same trouble
    Did the remote reset work for you?
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    No - The remote reset did NOT work for me. There is something messed up in the hardware that is preventing the reset from working. The phone is still hung up at the boot.

    Still wish I could find out more about what a Code 3 Memory Error is all about.

    Oh well ... a new Pre is on its way to me and should be here by this Wednesday, 5/19
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    The memory problem u experienced might not b unrecoverable. I had a code 25 error before. It is now gone after 3 times of partial erase and reinstall of everything. Anyway, u'd b getting a new replacements, have fun with it.

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