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    NOW The Palm Pre plus is available online

    Palm® Pre (TM) Plus Cell Phone - Wireless from AT&T

    Not comimment pricing $399.-
    2 years contract price $149.99
    Total due today $149.99

    Requires purchase of a $30/mo data service. 2 year contract & new activation required.

    Palm Pre Plus package:

    Palm® Pre (TM) Plus
    Touchstone (TM) Charger
    Choice of plan-starting at $39.99 per month
    Choice of Service - starting at $30 per month
    Waived Activation
    Free Overnight Shipping
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    Come on AT&T... $60 a month for teathering??? Are you kitting me??? that is just highway robbery.
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    FYI -- has the AT&T Pre for $50. Everything looks the same, minus the touchstone deal.
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    They have the contract-free price at 549.99... when AT&T themselves are selling for 399.99.
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