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    Wow, I really thought the Doctor would take care of my Pre which had been sluggish and restarting randomly.

    So, I doctored which went well at first. I logged into my Profile, restored my Exchange connection, restored my Google connection, restored my Facebook connection (sorta).

    Then I put my phone in developer mode and downloaded Preware. I went to restore my files from the Backup Utility and that's when it all went downhill. After restoring, I was prompted to restart my phone. And it stuck on the Palm boot screen. No glow, just a solid Palm logo. For 20 minutes. Nothing. I couldn't turn it off, I couldn't soft reset. I couldn't even Doctor it again. After the second Doctor process, it stuck again on the solid Palm logo. Finally after 3-4 battery pulls and soft resets, it started. So I doctored it again (3rd time) and it came up with the WebOS 1.4.0 instead of 1.4.1. Not sure why. So, I'm using Device Update and downloading 1.4.1 now (Verizon) but it is SO S-L-O-W. It's been downloading for more than 30 minutes now.

    I'm so disappointed. None of my apps are back. They are all on my launcher with a big yellow exclamation sign.

    This sucks!!!
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    Well the good news is that the app store is back up so you should be able to get apps back. But that is a bummer of an experience. What did you have in the back up utility to make it hang on reboot?
    Did you have your db file in there?
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    I used the Backup Utility to backup multimedia, phone data, aps and bookmarks. It looked like it restored everything but asked me to restart. That's when it hung up.

    I just don't understand why it came back to WebOS 1.4.0 instead of 1.4.1. And I further don't understand why the 1.4.1. download is taking so long.

    I'm really concerned there is something still wrong with my phone. What do you think?
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    The 1.4.0 is interesting because I was reading earlier that the bookmarks and phone data were webOS version sensitive through back up utility. So they could only be restored back on to a phone running the same version of webOS as they were saved off. I will see if I can dig the post up I read.

    Ye that definitly not good if it is still downloading 1.4.1, but there is not much to do except wait it out.
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    So my problem now is that I can't install any apps. It says I don't have enogh memory. Yet my device info says I have morre tha 12 megs available. My phone is so slow. What the hell have I done to my phone?!?
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    This is so strange but I don't remember ever getting these kind of problems with my phone. My problems usually are using my computer to add things on to my phone.
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    If you used Backup Utility for 1.4.1, then doctor your Pre with 1.4.1. I don't understand why you didn't use the 1.4.1 doctor in the first place.

    Use the 1.4.1 doctor, restore your profile, then proceed to Preware and the Backup Utility. Tell us your progress then.

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