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    Anyone else having this issue? My phone will randomly stay asleep after pressing the power button to make the screen lock/sleep and sometimes it wont come back on and the phone is still on. I have to pull the battery out and restart it then it is ok for a while but it happens often at least every couple days. Any help?
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    I mean sometimes my screen will stay off for like 10-15 seconds with no response, but if I click keys, they show up as typed.
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    mine will sometimes do that but it wont come on majority of the time unless i do a batery pull
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    I have dark unresponsive screen one time. And it was week ago. have not seen it again yet
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    have it frequelntly at least once a day, I close the KB and wait a few seconds and hit thepower button and it comes back on
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    I've had this a few times in the last week or so. Have to pull the battery.
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    I get it a lot now since running 800MHz... but I still won´t go back. Mostly I get another anomaly, when it comes on my lock screen doesn't appear with the clock and all as it should- instead it just shows my home or whatever app is running with only the lock icon over it; it's actually locked but lockscreen doesn't show. I'm not using any themes.
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    Its getting really frustrating....I really love web os but I hate the hardware already..its way overdue for an announcement for the next web os phone.
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    Yep, happens on occasion to me. I'm not sure what's causing this yet. It was worse prior to the latest update and the latest update did address it but I don't think it's entirely corrected yet. It just doesn't happen as often as it did prior to
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    Quote Originally Posted by abegee View Post
    have it frequelntly at least once a day, I close the KB and wait a few seconds and hit thepower button and it comes back on
    me too. i don't have to do a battery pull. i just wait a while and try again. It does drive me crazy though. sometimes wonder if my phone has turned off on it's own.
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    I have had something like this before. If I press the power button all it does it stay black. Sometimes you can see it try to come on. Then its fine 5-6 seconds later. I think it might be from the lag in the OS. Its a guess but over all it happens so little it dont bother me.

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    I thought it might be from the screenstate scaling... Happens to me but I usually get it back on w/o a battery pull, I have gotten restarts from it though, I think when I hold the power putton too long.
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    this happened to me a couple of time I have a few patches & no kernals
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    I had the same issue. Sometimes it takes hours before the display comes back on eventhough the phone itself was on all along. Battery pull is the fastest option. Did anybody contact palm regarding this?
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    thanks for all the replys im just tired of the hardware, I have been patient long enough, totally love webos but hardware is pathetic.
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    i am experiencing this hourly, many times within the hour, on almost everycall. did not start happening until latest update. does anyone have a fix. anyone think its the battery. i have no tech knowledge so just guessing. loved the phone but really frustrated. my bussines calls are suffering because the phone does not respond during a call. A MAJOR PROBLEM. had the phone less than 6 months and it feels like i must by another phone!

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