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    I had my phone plugged into the car listening to Pandora, and since then the phone acts like I have something plugged into the jack. I can't make a phone call unless I have the headphones plugged in, if I pull them out I don't hear anything, and the person doesn't hear me.

    I tried restarting it and pulling out the battery. Any suggestions?
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    search for phone stuck in headset mode. It's in here already we don't need another thread.
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    I had the same thing happen. I took it to Sprint and they said there was nothing they could do to fix it and they ordered me a replacement phone since I was under the 1 year. They said it happens occasionally and it is a software glitch. I have a new phone that works great now.
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    Go to this thread for fix
    Hate it when there is no sound
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    Quote Originally Posted by Finally Pre View Post
    Go to this thread for fix
    Hate it when there is no sound
    yeah, and find my post there.
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    Take it back to Sprint and they'll order you a replacement.

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