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    hello all. I just downloaded govnah. I'm a novice at all of this stuff. Do I need to download another app in order ro overclock or will setting the "setspeed" to 600 be ok? I tried a search but everyone seems to be speaking in languages I don't understand.
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    yes, you need to download the uber kernel also.. just open preware and start typing the name and u will find it
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    Ok, if 600 is fast enough for you then you don't need to add anything else as 600 is a luna patch so can be handled by the govnah by itself.

    However if you want to use the Screenstate option of 800mhz screen on, 500mhz screen off then you will need to install uber-kernel from preware. This is just a custom kernel that will just sit on your device.
    To find uber-kernel just go to preware, list of everything. start typing uber kernel until it comes up.

    If you do install uber-kernel and want help to set the govnah settings just reply here. (Is not complicated just strange on the first time)

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for all of the replies! A couple of q's:

    1) whenever I restart my phone the phne settings return to default (500mhz). Is this normal?

    2) @ pip smith...i downloaded the uberkernal. what settings are best? Thanks!
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    its normal for the settings to go back to default after a restart and in fact is programmed to do that (just in case the patch happens to be the cause of a crash or something)
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    As for which settings are best, that depends on quite a few factors. I've found the perfect balance between performance and battery life (w/no screen flickers during video) with it set to conservative, max speed of 720, and freq step set at 100%.

    Even though the freq step setting makes it theoretically act like the ondemand setting, the on demand setting yields flickering video, where the conservative setting does not.
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