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    Ive spent hours reading and trying everything to get webos to work on my pc, just keep getting same ending, please connect device and hit ok, I do it and it says no device found. Ive read everything on here, any other known problems?
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    Are you referring to webos quick install? If so first is your device in developer mode?
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    yes and yes, really weird no matter what I do...........nothing. gonna try to disable then enable dev mode again
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    Are you on a windows pc?
    When you connect the device to the pc through the usb, look at the usb icon at the bottom. Does it say a palm novocom device as well as a usb/f had been inserted.
    I doubt turning on/off dev mode will do much but you can try.
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    It's annoying, but try to replug it in every once in a while.
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    I once had a problem installing WOSQI and rebooting my computer and my phone helped. Of course, after you reboot, you have to make sure that you put your phone in dev mode and make sure that novocom is running, as Pip said.
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    windows vista, it said installing drivers for device, and i have no usb icon at the bottom of pc?
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    Did it say, driver installed succesfully or did say driver not instaled? On the bottom right corner where the battery and volume are. Do you get anything come up when the device is plugged in and put on just charge?
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    yes it was installed and ready to use and i get nothing when selecting just charge.
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    Do not have quick install open when doing this and dont open itwhile in usb mode.

    Leave the phone in the usb drive, click the phone screen in the bottom right on the usb symbol and click to make it go to usb. Does the option to open the files now come up and is there now a usb icon in the bottom right of the screen on the computer now?
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    no usb icon but options do come up
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    also tried to install nova again thru quick install and the dos screen came up and said service removed looked in services and nova is not running
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    Ok, take your phone out, let it reboot. Now plug it back in and choose just charge again.
    open your documents folder and copy this into the bar at the top C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc\novacom or just navigate to it.

    Check your pm
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    no such folder
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    Go to computer on your pc. go into local disk c. then into program files. Scroll down to the folders beginning with p, is there a folder called palm?
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    bump.................sorry guys, got it running then had to trade in my phone due to a manufacturer issue and now quick install wont work...........again. Wish i could figure it out. Vista machine, taken all the steps and still nothing

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