What has happened, pretty basically, is that the screen doesn't really seem to work on my pre anymore. The screen itself will turn on, but the backlight won't, and the touchscreen doesn't work. So by tilting it at careful angles in bright light I can see it, but can't really interact with it.

That's the background, though, Sprint should have a new phone for me Monday and I get to deal with this headache until then.

My question is: Is there any way to really control the phone through the keyboard (which still works) or by tethering it to my PC? I can answer calls, and make new ones, with a little trouble but I can't seem to get into text messages.

I can get into the messaging app but I can't get into individual text messages to read them or respond to them, which is problematic because that's the primary way most people contact me.

So, can I control what I would basically call the cursor on screen via the USB connection? Or can I navigate in some way (specifically into individual text message threads) via keyboard commands?