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    800/720mzh CPUScaler Govnah UberKernal

    We have been hearing alot about these patches in the past months or so, but I could not find a post that explained them all according to each other.

    What I mean is, can someone just explain each on, and tell us which ones are obsolete and why?

    I think most people like to use the latest and greatest apps. ::smile::
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    the cpu scaler is a kernal you install. once installed your phone runs at those speeds all the time.

    the govnah and uberkernal apps run like an application, you download them and set your preferences. unlike the scaler, you can overclock your pre to different settings, or you can set to stock, whatever you want, when you want it.
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    So, I should install them all?

    What about the 800/720mzh patches?
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    800/720mhz patches = 1st generation kernel that when installed runs your phone at either 800 or 720 mhz (depending on which one you installed). These would be considered "old".

    Uberkernal = an improved version of the above that needs to be used with either the cpu scaler app or the govhna (more on those in a sec). This kernel allowes for access to more scaling options and actual cpu temp. This would be considered "the latest and greatest".

    Cpu Scaler = this is an app that was originally used with the 800/720 patches but also works with the uberkernal. This app allows you to choose scaling settings and speeds to run your pre at.

    Govnah = another application like cpu scaler. This one was made for use with the uberkernal so you can be sure that it will take full advantage of the little features that the uberkernal has to offer.

    Just to make sure this is clear. Uberkernal won't work by itself, you need either govnah or cpu scaler to control it
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    i have a question. it maybe stupid but still haha. i have O/C my desktop before. but o/cing a phone is a different story. is everything safe. i dont have the money to replace it if it dies b/c of the patch. just still alittle worried i guess. also does it still need to be uninstalled before a new webos update comes out?

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