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    Quote Originally Posted by Hrolf View Post
    so is there a way to change the dialer background without a computer? I'm an on the road truck driver with no computer access, no wosqi available to me right now.
    yes. if you get Internalz, you can change the individual backgrounds using the SCRIMS patches.

    if you get 2sslow's 'multi scrim patch' you can change a lot of the backgrounds.

    Quote Originally Posted by 2sslow View Post

    Now all patches in 1.4.1 include youtube-scrim as well
    The v2 patches include the launcher-scrim patch

    This one works but I had to remove the video player section until i get time to figure out what Palm has done there.

    There are patches for o2 and Vzw as well

    Let me first say Im making this for the masses that are not comfortable using command line to change certain backgrounds.
    I want to make it easier to customize the Pre w/o having to be a computer person to do it.

    This Patch creates a customizable background for 10 native Pre apps!

    Warning Please remove All Previous Scrim Patches Before Using!

    1)Install using WOSQI
    2)In USB mode create a folder named "scrims" without the quotes
    3)files MUST be named correctly as follows. (lower case!):
    launcher-scrim.png (v2 patches)
    youtube-scrim.png (1.4.1)

    All images to be 320x480
    If you are using landscape email or messaging patches the scrims must be 480x480

    All backgrounds will be defaulted to a black background with a white font. If you dont create a .png for a specific app then the patch will default to the black/white background.
    I do not use themes so I cannot and will not test this patch w/ a theme installed! if you use a theme use this at your own risk.

    There is no danger installing this patch! you cant BRICK (no such thing) your Pre by installing this patch! If there is a problem it simply will fail during install and revert to your previous configuration!

    To remove this patch either remove it through WOSQI or run EPR, The scrims folder will remain no matter if you run EPR or run the DR.

    You do not have to remove the scrims folder before,after an OTA or ever if you dont wish to.
    for step1 - find the patch in preware
    for step 2 - use internalz to create th scrims folder
    for step3 - you can use cut/paste and rename to get the images in the correct folder with the correct name.

    hope this helps
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    Quote Originally Posted by wildxconfusion View Post
    they need to update walkthrough as I was told that new version of preware does not need the MANAGER part.
    Good point. I think that went away with the 1.0 release. And technically Luna Manager isn't needed as a separate d/l as it is incorporated in the Preference menu of Preware. Would be a question for the developers to have the final say on though, don't take my word for it, I'm not that smart.

    Here would be more up to date info on Preware : Application:Preware - WebOS Internals

    From that Page :

    Recent enhancements
    1.0.0: The Package Manager Service has been rewritten in C and incorporated into this single Preware package. Installing Preware 1.0.0 will remove the Package Manager Service as the last step of the upgrade process.

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    update... now have mobile hotspot too
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    Quote Originally Posted by bennish View Post
    the blue pill is an iphone.

    'ignorance is bliss'

    Amen to that!
    "Patience, use the force, think." Obi-Wan

    Ready to try Preware? Get this first: Preware Homebrew Documentation
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