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    This is probably in the wrong forum (mod, feel free to move this thread), but with the release of ATT Pre Plus, can the veterans WebOS users share with us newbies your must-have apps? Give us a list and a brief description what the app does. Hopefully the app catalog snafu will be fixed by tomorrow!

    Edit: Sorry for the badly typed title. I tried to edit it, but won't allow me. It should say "ATT Pre Plus: What are your must-have Apps?"
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    Pandora: Pretty self explanatory to anyone who has ever used pandora on their computer
    Need for Speed Undercover: Just like the console game but a battery eating fiend
    Preware: Not an "official" app but the most important one to anyone who wants the most out of their pre
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    right now the answer is any app that doesn't seem to have an update pending... So the app will actually work...


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