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    I was recording with my Pre Plus last night. I recorded for a little over 12 minutes and then hit stop. It seemed to save the video really quick. I went back to play the video and it was only 3 minutes and 16 seconds long.

    I haven't tried to download the movie from my device. It says the movie is 142MB, which makes me think that it's the full movie.

    Anyone else have issues with video recording?
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    Ok where are the videos on the device? I put it in USB mode and can't find it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tsaunders View Post
    Ok where are the videos on the device? I put it in USB mode and can't find it.
    They're in the same folder as your pictures.

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    The video should appear in the /DCMI/100PALM folder, when you connect our Pre to the computer.

    Make sure you have enough space in the device

    I've recorder 18:23 minutes long video, after what Pre stuck, and I had to exit the Camera app and device was extremely lagy for couple minutes, but the video was saved...
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    I have plenty of space just got the phone a couple of days ago.

    I see it now. Yeah it only saved 3:15 of the video. I did put the camera app into card view, maybe that did it and it did seem to lag.

    Oh well no biggie, just something I have to get used to.
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    Ok so the video goes past 3:15 and continues with the rest but there is no sound - :\
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    You needed to give it time to render after you shot it. I did the same thing. Shot a long video, then swiped the card away. For longer videos, wait until the thumbnail shows up before bailing out of the app.
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    Had the same thing happen, took a video that was 10 minutes long and it only saved about the first 4 minutes. I was wondering if there was a time limit on the video recordings.
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