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    This seems kind of stupid since I work at Radio Shack, but does anyone know if they will be selling the at&t pre plus at radio shacks? It would be MUCH cheaper for me to buy from there obviously, but we haven't gotten any in yet. It's surprisingly hard to get information on this kind of thing from RS themselves.
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    no one will know until it happens, but it seems like they would. And hopefully sprint will get the pre+ as well
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    Well we haven't gotten any dummies or inventory models...and I know radioshack discontinued the sale of the I thought maybe they thought that they shouldn't sell this one.
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    I don't have the answer for you but maybe someone else will. I will ask you this though. What has happened in the past with AT&T and their phones with the Shack? That should give you some indication of what is going to happen. I can tell you that when the Pre first arrived at Sprint, the Shack had a hard time getting them for about a month. After which you had a good stock of the phone. It may take about the same amount of time for the "pipeline" to fill up with AT&T.
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    Alright, well that makes sense. I'm brand new to RS still so I don't know the odds and ends yet. This actually benefits me since I'm on T-Mobile (ugh) till july. Hopefully by then we'll have them in.
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    The fact that RS is heavily dicsounting the touchstone seems to indicat they are clearing out inventory so I would guess no ATT Pre Plus but who knows....
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