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    You can use a SIM attached to an iPhone data plan in a Pre (or any other phone) just fine. And with the iPhone data plan you can still access the internet on your Palm.

    HOWEVER, you should be aware that the iPhone visual voicemail system on AT&T is completely separate from their main voicemail system, and you will not be able to access voicemail messages on the Pre while you have the iPhone data plan active.

    If you switch away from the iPhone data plan to the "regular" smartphone data plan, you may have issues accessing the internet on your iPhone should you choose to go back to it, but you can do it without changing your contract/commitment.
    You might want to check out which provides a free voicemail service that gives you a lot of the "visual voicemail" goodness of the iPhone voice mail. It has an app in the palm catalog that is always a top seller, or you ca just visit the website from your phone directly. I've been using it for several years on all of our phones...
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    Stop me if you've read this before....
    I bought an ATT Pre+ and I use it with my iPhone 3GS sim. 399.99 outright. Work pays for my phone & Data on iPhone so it's a win-win.
    I love the Pre+ and it will do just fine until either Palm/HP comes out with a new smartphone and/or Nokia comes out with a new multi-band N900 replacement. The N8 is tempting but I'm holding out for more...By the way, did I mention I love the Pre?
    The first time I picked it up my hand said "ahhh". It fits perfectly.
    Add mic API and 2nd party GPS and it would be perfect.
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    i bought my pre off ebay for $409. look around online for close to retail, off-contract pre's before at&t
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    See my thread here:

    I have a work iPhone and a Pre Plus. I originally purchased one off contract and then took it back and decided to wait. Start posting on Craigslist and use Craigslist Checker. There are people out there that bought on contract and do not want to take it back to AT&T or don't understand the return policy. I also had another call from an AT&T employee that wanted to sell his. They all got them free and will sell pretty cheap to make a few bucks.

    As for using the iPhone Sim and data plan, it works fine. The only exception is the voicemail. I used Google Voice and have my voicemail button set up to dial GV and then enter my PIN. I also have transcribed texts sent to me when I get a voicemail. Works like a charm
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