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    I've been having some frustrating issues with patches that I can't uninstall, frequent Luna restarts, repetitive files being restored on WebOS Repair ... I guess i've been thinking I need to make a list of the apps I have on my Pre and some of my favorite, non-buggy patches and do the whole Doctor thing and wipe the slate clean.

    Has anyone done this to start over, start fresh? Is there a benefit to doing this? Does it really return your Pre to factory condition?

    I'm just thinking that I've learned a lot about my Pre over the last two months. I know about Preware, Homebrew, Kernels and overclocking, patching and tweaking. I've put all kinds of crap on my phone and removed some. maybe I just need to start fresh, knowing what I know.

    Am I going to regret it? Pros/cons?

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    I doctor my phone every update to start fresh. I'm constantly modifying my own files on my Pre because I create patches. It doesn't hurt to doctor, just takes some time to reload your profile, apps, settings, and patches.

    I say go for it though if you can, I would wait for 1.4.5 to be released.
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    What Abyssul said (except that I don't create patches). The thing that takes the longest for me is putting my SMS ringtones back on once I reinstall SMS Tones per Contact.
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    what about pics, messages do you lose them when you doctor ?
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    you lose sms messages. and make sure you back up your photos, yes, and music etc. just usb them to your pc. good idea to have a backup anyway, i think.
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    So, backup my music, photos, any docs. Make list of my patches and apps.

    I guess I"ll need to reload my Exchange email acct and Gmail accounts too, right?

    Anything else I'm missing?
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    There is a thread with directions on extracting your db3 file, which will restore your texts, call logs, etc. It is simple enough (just requires internalz or rooting) I always go through this process when I visit the good doctor.
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    @Tedcas or any others: do you find that your Pre performs better/smoother - what have you - after a visit to the Doctor?
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    Quote Originally Posted by toddfoutz View Post
    @Tedcas or any others: do you find that your Pre performs better/smoother - what have you - after a visit to the Doctor?
    I do.
    I'm not the most observant guy though. I don't bench mark or anything of that sort, but do mess around quite a bit with installs of various things. It's always good to start fresh now & again. Preware save/restore is making it a bit smoother these days as well.
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    By the way, there is no real need to backup your music / photos / videos to your PC apart from that you should do it anyway just to be sure. WebOS doctor will not touch your USB partition.

    You WILL lose your text messages and savegames and stuff; your contacts, calendar entries and synched profiles will come back, you just need to re-enter the passwords for them. If you have Preware, install Save / Restore as it will let you... well, save and restore stuff like savegames, Fliq Notes notes and such. Since the USB disk isn't touched by the doctor, you can doctor, let all your apps and profiles sync back, put your Pre in developer mode, restart, install Preware and Save / Restore, and immediately have Save / Restore restore all your stuff. Voila, all your saved games and notes are back
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    You could also use Pre Backup Utility which backups app data and phone data such as call logs, message logs, memos.

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    Thanks for all the information everyone. How long does it take to Doctor the Pre and restore it? Is this something that's going to take 15 minutes or 2 hours? Just wondering how much time I need to be down from my phone.
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    Doctoring usually takes 15 to 20 minutes for me. I have used the Save/Restore for saving, but not restoring yet. How much data you have to restore will have some affect in the time needed to do the restore.
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    Guys this has been a horrible experience for me. AFter I doctored and did a restore from the back up utility, I locked up and couldn't restart. Doctored again and locked up on the start screen (no glow - solid palm logo). Have doctored a third time and it loaded WebOS 1.4.0 instead of 1.4.1. In process of downloading that but it's so slow.

    I'm at a loss and supremely disappointed. What have i done????

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