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    The O2 prices of pre plus and pixi plus seem totaly overpriced - 509 for pre plus and 390 for pixi plus. The original pre costs now "only" 340 euro.
    Doesnt anyone know why is this or if O2 will lower the prices? I really dont want to payu 509 for pre plus when it costs 500 in dolars in states, the problem is that i need unlocked gsm phone to work in europe. Is the O2 pre plus the only way or is there some cheaper way to get unlocked gsm pre plus?
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    the original pre was 481 when it was announced. the price seems legit to me. the pre plus is woth the price
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    Of course it's overpriced, like everything else in europe. I believe that very few big international firms could survive without Europe as we pay, sometimes, tripple price for the same products as the rest of the world. The only reason that is, is because they think they can charge us for it and it's our own fault because we keep buying the **** even at high priceses and later releases than the rest of the world. That's life, life sucks sometimes

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