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    I am trying to download new apps from precentral online and not the apps on the phone. When I follow the steps it says I will get a SMS with instructions. I don't have text on the phone, is there another way to download apps from precentral without getting the text based instructions?
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    Ohhhh, you want to download from precentral and put it on your phone, i guess to avoid data charges? I believe you can only do that with homebrew apps. The ones in the app/beta/web catalogs have to be downloaded via the phone. All the text message does is contain a link that will pull open the app catalog on your phone.
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    I have a silly question, who is your carrier that does not include text in your plan?

    If you're looking to install homebrew apps you may want to start here:

    Once you have WOSQI go here:

    Select your app, click on the download link under the app details. Save the file. Then use WOSQI to install it on your phone.

    Hope this helps.

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