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    Quote Originally Posted by ethic3 View Post
    1) NaNplayer(Beta)

    2) Speed Dial Pro (most browsing, txting, or dialing starts here for me)

    3) Agenda/Calendar(Tandem)

    4) Scratch Word Processor(Use for Notes, Ideas, Information, etc.)

    5) Bad Kitty

    ...and of course Preware!
    Where is NanPlayer? I can't find it in the Homebrew Apps
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    Quote Originally Posted by apalemick View Post
    Where is NanPlayer? I can't find it in the Homebrew Apps
    It's in a private beta at the moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by apalemick View Post
    Where is NanPlayer? I can't find it in the Homebrew Apps
    There is a thread for it in the WebOS development forum. It is in private beta, but Blubble, the developer, is opening it up to more forum users because it won't be out for a while due to Palm. He said he was taking more requests this weekend, don't know if he's started yet. I would hop over there and see about it. You have to PM requests, but his inbox gets full pretty often lately so check to see if he's cleared it out before sending a request.
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    1.) Agenda
    2.) dr. Podder
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    1. facebook
    2. texting
    3. precentral
    4. camera
    5. music (remix)
    6. sprint nav
    7. ICanHasLol
    8. Preware
    9. Memos
    10. Express News
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    Photo Dialer
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    1. Dr. Podder
    2. Mobile Hot Spot (Supplements My MyFi)
    3. Facebook
    4. Engadget
    5. Preware
    6. Sporting News Baseball
    7. The Weather Channel
    8. TweetMe
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    1. Browser
    2. Engadget
    3. Preware
    4. Texting
    5. Music player (default)
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    1. Feeds (Pro Version)
    2. Email
    3. Calendar
    4. Google Latitude (I Modified)
    5. NHL Scores
    6. Yelp
    7. Tweed (Pro Version)
    8. Facebook
    9. Google Maps
    10. Mobile Hotspot (On Sprint)
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    Dr. Podder
    Ultimate Wallpaper
    Music remix
    Various 3D games
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    Isn't the calendar an app??? I can't believe no one is saying the calendar.

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