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    Alright so i was one of the few who would move there touchstone around cuz i loved charging it so much on the touchstone. of course those nano tubes got all messed up from me moving it around and they were FILLED with junk

    So i did some browsing around. and found that dish soap and scotch tape seem to do the trick.

    So first thing i tried was soap.... STAY AWAY. it leaves residue and makes it LESS sticky.

    So after drying it off and getting all the soapy residue off i tried the tape

    YAYYYY TAPE!!!! it took about 4 pieces of tape to remove all the gunk from the nano tubes on the bottom of the touchstone (the nano tubes are the things that give the touchstone its insane sticky-ness) Now my touchstone is as good as new.

    Hope this helps those of you who are depressed about a non sticky touchstone
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    I found just wiping it with water then letting it dry works well
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    I have mine on a small 5x5 chunk of smoked plexiglass with little rubber feet under that. The TS is stuck to the plexiglass lol
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    Hey McGeniusGreg, the scotch tape trick worked perfectly. Thank you very much. I have 2 TS one at home that I have stuck to a wooden cup tray and another one at work that I move quite frequently and it wouldn't stay in place anymore. Now it's like brand new again. Thank a whole bunch again. I love Pre-Cental.
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    Mine was getting loose and so I cleaned it up and stuck it back on my side table. My wife freaked out because it was stuck on so tightly--she was afraid it was like glue and would strip off the finish. I had to explain the concept of "gecko feet" to make her comfortable with letting me put the thing back on.
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    Mine stuck to my bed side table so tightly that when I tried to remove it by grabbing the touchstone, I raised the whole table instead...

    Palm's website suggested tugging it sideways, but it wouldn't budge. I ended up praying it off with a knife (carefully so as not cutting into the "gecko feet"). After it came off, it's still so sticky to everything.

    "Gecko feet" is awesome
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    Thanks for the tape trick, works great!
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    I think the tape thing is a little harder than it needs to be. I move mine rather frequently, learning after the first few times you don't have to wail on the thing to keep it down, and, quite literally, just wet my finger with my tongue and run it over the bottom to get the gunk off, let it dry, and place it where you want it. Also, just make sure wherever you put it is clean before you place it.
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