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    and i pulled my Pre out to send someone an email! This phone has really changed the way i communicate with people, i completely see this as my primary tool to stay in touch even with a netbook sitting in my lap.
    I use gmail but i didn't even think to use it on the netbook, i use the Pre so much i just automatically pull it out now for emailing or texting.
    A new device with a bigger screen and who knows how much use my netbook will get in the future.
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    I've only turned on my formerly almost always on desktop, maybe 10 times since November 2009. The Pre handles most everything great. I switched over to the Netbook for anything I can't do on the Pre.

    I've almost cut out the TIVO, Playstation, and radio also. My DSi is very dusty. I listen to podcasts and audio books, read PreCentral, the News, Comics, play some games, and read Engadget. All from apps on my Pre.

    My Electric bill dropped about $15.

    I always try the Pre first. It is usually in my hand, sometimes in my pocket, clipped to me, or it is on the touchstone on the nightstand, while in bed.
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    Shoot, I do more on my Pre than I ever did on my lap top. I never really played video games before, but that changed with the intro of Gameloft's games (now I'm an addict). Never did that on my PC. Never took pictures or video on my PC, do it all the time on my Pre. Never sat in front of a TV and surfed the web while watching a show (ok I'm old school it that aspect), but now I surf the web on my Pre in front of the TV all the time! I never was patient enough to sit at a desk and watch You Tube, but since my Pre goes with me everywhere, I watch You Tube a lot now. I can email and text while eating dinner (ok bad manners), never did that on my PC. The only thing I use my PC for lately was to down load stuff for my Pre from the Webos Quick install!!

    One side note though, I do not use either (PC or Pre) for business. We have systems used at work that are proprietary to the company and could not use them on my PC or Pre anyway. So my PC and Pre are just "toys", but the PC toy sure has been collecting a lot of dust lately where it sits now.
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    DITTO, I only use the PC for making apps, I hardly browse on the pc anymore.
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    Crazy to think that I've been a smartphone owner for a really long time, but no device has become as integrated in my life as the Pre has. It's my sole communication device 95% of the time. I do use Facebook on my netbook, but email, calendar, messaging and phone calls are all done exclusively with the Pre.
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    I'm not quite to the point of using my Pre when a computer is in front of me, but the "trip" to my desk has definitely gotten unreasonably long since getting my Pre.
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    my laptop has basically become my modern warfare 2 computer, and my pres doctor lol.

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