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    Hello ,

    I bought something a week before a palm pre plus.
    With this I am more than satisfied, but I disturb the small keyboard.
    From this base, I wanted to install the Virtual Keyboard.
    I have also made, but unfortunately this does not work on my Pre Plus.
    I have tried it already with a double tap.
    And with the wiping from left to right.
    Unfortunately, doing nothing is even there.
    Maybe even one of you knows something about that.

    Greetings from Germany

    p.s: Sorry for my bad english ^ ^
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    Just in case you are not aware.. for the Virtual Keyboard to work, you need to be at a place where it is waiting for text input. Like a new email, a text, a web addres..

    It wont come up, just from a blank screen...

    Not sure if you knew that or not..

    And your English is just fine, for someone who speaks it not as their primary language. Im sure 90% of Americans, cant speak German 10% as well as you speak and write English..

    Welcome to the forum
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    So I tried it so far with the memo and Web application from.
    There did not exist.
    What do I need to do exactly? Double-tap or wipe with my finger?

    Best wishes and thanks
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    I think I get what they are saying.

    There is no virtual keyboard for the Palm Pre Plus, you have to install one from the app catalog.
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    have not been found in the app catalog Virtual Keyboard.

    Thanks anyway

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    virtual keyboard is in preware.. you have to homebrew to get it.. try it, you will like it
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    Yeah, As already stated you need to install it from Preware. It is a patch. And to activate it (again as already stated) you need to be on an app or screen that is ready for typing input (like texting). To get the keyboard to appear just tap twice right in the upper middle of the gesture area (I have a Pre so it's above the button on mine) and then give it a couple of seconds to appear.
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    Homebrew your phone and install it via Preware. It doesn't work in memo, has a few limitations while browsing and if your quick launcher is open you can use it to Universal Search.
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    is the virtual keyboard good? I mean...the patch it good?
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    Why doesn't Palm include one?
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    Quote Originally Posted by iTz Nicholas72 View Post
    Why doesn't Palm include one?
    why don't you ask palm?
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    just my opinion here but i dont think that youll even like using if the keyboard if you get it to work. it takes too long to load and does not always register your tap.

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