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    Does anyone know if Palm has a warantee on their batteries?

    I know LG has a 1 yr warantee on their batteries. I was wondering if this was a common industry "standard".

    I was just thinking that since I am approaching the 1 yr mark (Pre launch date) and we all know how wonderful the Pre's battery life is, maybe I could get mine replaced with a shiny new POS battery.

    As a side note, I am eagerly awaiting my Seidio 2600mAh battery! $50 on Amazon!!
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    I think it all depend on what is happening with your batt. They might tell you to contaact your service provider. You can call palm and complain about your batt not keeping charge. Good luck.
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    I know for Verizon, it's the same as the phone warranty, 1 year.
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    All in box accessories follow the warranty of the device. So your battery has a 1 year limited hardware warranty.
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