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    I had downloaded some patches through preware alpha (don't remember which version) and now I want to get rid of them. However, recently in the process of porting my old number to my pre, I was required to do a factory reset of the device, deleting everything on it.

    But when I got my new number and the phone restarted, preware alpha was gone. I re-downloaded a different version of preware, thinking that I could uninstall the patches from there, but there were no patches showing in installed packages. All my applications are there, but NONE of the patches are there. So I decided to search this forum and basically found the "emergency patch recovery" and "webosquickinstall method", however those don't work either. EPR just gives me an error message, and when I go to the webosquickinstall where it shows installed packages, none of my patches show up there, however I know that they are still on the phone. What do I do?
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    Did you try the Emergency Reconstruction Utility?
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