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    Hope this is the right section

    First off my name is Harry and im from the Uk.

    Ive bought my first Palm device.

    I used to have a Jailbroken iPhone and fancied a change - so bring on the Pre!

    I just have a couple of questions, im using Rebel and using it on T-Mobile.

    I did not buy the phone brand new, its runing version 1.4.1.

    I have no App Catalog icon?!?

    Also when i plug it in to my pc it says ' usb mode or just charging' if i click usb mode i can use the phone but i can transfer data on my pc.

    If i press the middle button and leave it my computer just reconizes it as a usb device?!?

    Am i missing a program on my pc?

    And how can i get the App Catalog?

    Sorry for all the questions.

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    First thing I would do with a used phone is return it to factory fresh firmware/software.

    If you pick usb mode, the Pre should show up as a USB drive on your computer so you can transfer pics, music, etc.
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    Open this link in your browser to restore it. Check if you can use doctor with rebel sim, I'm not to sure.
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    Hi Harry and welcome to PreCentral! You chose an awesome phone using WebOS!

    Let's see if we can give you a hand...

    There should be an an App Catalog icon... I'm not in the UK, so am not perfectly familiar with how things are set up there, but if need be you can always run the Doctor and take your phone to original settings (which will restore all original settings to your device). You will have to reinstall any 3rd party software that is allowing you to use the device on a different network.

    When you plug your phone into a computer via USB, you will be given the option to 'just charge' or put it in 'usb mode'. If you choose the first, everything on the phone will work fully, but the device will simply be charging off of the USB connection. If you choose 'USB mode', your device turns into a USB storage device. You can drag/drop music, video, and picture files to your device to view whenever you want (you can also add wallpapers, ringtones, etc... in this mode). When you want to disconnect your device from this mode, simply choose to 'safely remove' your device from the computer (if running Windows) just like you would any other USB storage device.

    It doesn't look like you are missing any programs from your PC. I would suggest a program like MediaMonkey for syncing music (just like iTunes)... otherwise you are looking good. Like I mentioned... if you cannot find your App Catalog, I would suggest doctoring your phone back to the original settings.

    Good luck and enjoy!
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    Thanks alot guys!

    Just downloading WebOs doctor at the moment,

    Sorry, what i meant is that i havent got the App Catalog icon atall.

    Also is it possible to use the Pre with Itunes? I was told i could?!?

    Much appriciated,
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    You can use iTunes as long as it is an OLDER version. Honestly, I would suggest not using it since there are other programs that work just like iTunes, but with more features for the Pre. Programs like MediaMonkey, DoubleTwist, and Songbird actually work better than iTunes!
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    I think the app catalog will show up once you get to the most current version of weOS.

    welcome to the family!

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