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    What's the mobile links to the other sites?
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    Remember, you are always welcome back at any time, but also remember to be courteous and kind as you leave.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeep View Post
    What's the mobile links to the other sites? = = =
    TIPB = Will recognize mobile (Pre/iPhone) Not sure on other platforms. =
    Nokia = having trouble finding it. I might have trouble caring and that is why.
    Crackberry =
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    i am currently a member at and have visited both and Their knowledge and desire of their devices is much the same as it is here. We as "*******/fangirls" and "diehard followers" of our desired platform sometimes get mixed up in the whole "grass is greener" concept or "they have, I want" complex. We all have had choices to make on what we purchase as consumers so we have no one to mad at but ourselves if a purchase is made and we feel wronged. Yeah it would be nice if Palm had 4G, but right now the only OS that has that service available is Android and it's only available to Sprint customers in a mere 25 markets so it's not that big of an issue yet. Seriously though HP/Palm has a lot of things that they need to worry about the existing webOS and it's issues plus the design of some new hardware and the direction of the company. Hope I didn't step on some toes or hurt some feelings but patience is needed with any platform.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwilliams268 View Post
    We all have had choices to make on what we purchase as consumers so we have no one to mad at but ourselves if a purchase is made and we feel wronged.

    And doesnt just about every carrier give you some sort of trial period? I don't know about all of you, but I can tell within a day or two if I like a product. If I come to that conclusion and I CHOOSE to keep the product, then I have nothing to complain about.

    I get so tired of the drama queens/kings complaining about the choices they make.

    PRE FOREVER hahahahahaha
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    Hello! This post seems a bit depressing. I love my pre and this website! It has the best facts as well as a great community. As long as people will be tied to the Pre and WebOS, by either contract or love, this website will be the best for all of that. I hope that it will last forever!
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    My brother moved on from his Sprint pre to the EVO. He says it's really fast. Oh well. I'm on VZW and I love the pre! it's not perfect, but it's got a lot to offer.
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    VZA, that link appears to be broken...
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    There is a multitude of information that webservers can some of it is actually fairly harmless, and all the information they collect they are legally authorized (at least within the US) to keep on their records.
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    I just have to say: I started with a Kyocera 6035. I then went to a Samsung i330, then to a Palm Treo 650p, then to a Palm Treo 755p, to the Palm Pre (Original).. All on Sprint. All in the last 14 years or so. I have been happy. While my Pre is falling apart and seems to be getting slower, I attribute that to all the crap I loaded on it. I'm on my 2nd Pre only, and I got my original Pre on Launch day, and was the first in line at one of the Sprint stores in Fresno, California. I will probably end up waiting for whatever comes next. I'm patient. 14 years, and all the palm based phones above show that I am willing to wait.

    If you're thinking of leaving, well, I think you should wait too. It's not that bad. Good things come to those who wait, and rome wasn't built in a day.

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    see thats the beauty part about webos, the clean look.. i was rather disappointed when i heard about just type... we had it before they called it universal search, the homebrew community WELCOME TO IT!! unlike android, webos IS (or at least before hp bought palm was) OPEN SOURCE unlike android, and webos has been MORE than functional, as far as apps go, do u really need 232 different fart apps?? and dont expect hpalm to wow the market, right now theyve STILL got some catching up to do with dual core phones being released... sure they missed a years worth of product line with the acquisition of palm.. webos is a HUGe step forwards in the smartphone era... now if only they branched out into different phone makers (ie lg samsung htc and things like that who have both android AND win phone 7 ect, then they'd have a HUUUGE market to add onto...)
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