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    I got a Verizon Pre Plus last night. I already love it!

    However one thing that I can't figure out is the reminder options on the calendar. Is there a way to set a specific amount of time in minutes, or day for a reminder like my old treo.. and every other palm device did?

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    If you tap on the event there is a reminder section. Those are the only options you get. I don't know if there is any patches to change that or not.
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    If you tap on an event the forth edit option is s bell - tap on that line and the reminder options will allow several reminder options
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    I believe there is also a patch in Preware that gives you more reminder options.
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    Welcome! There's a patch for that. Check out "Preware"...its awesome. It's been suggested that it could void your warranty, so use at your own risk. I have about 20 patches on my pre and haven't had any issues. Search the forum for Preware and get educated...but I love it. The ability to personalize your phone rocks. Be sure to donate if you can, lots of smart folks put their time and effort into these tweaks for $0 as far as I know.
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    I'll have to look into that. Preware was a big part of the reason I got this phone. I just looked at Is that the best place for info? What patch do you use to make that calendar mod that I want?

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    like everything else, there is a patch for that. There are several that let you choose duration for other things like snooze time, etc. Without Preware, where would we be?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    Without Preware, where would we be?
    i would probably be standing in line waiting for the EVO, but thanks to preware i love the phone too much to switch.

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