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    tried installing the patch and i get a ipkg error is there another patch that is prohibited the use of this patch if its downloaded first?
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    What other patches do you have applied to your phone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butters3605 View Post
    What other patches do you have applied to your phone?
    4x4 icons v1
    add bing and yahoo
    add date mm/dd
    add select all and new message
    additional contact labels
    alarm daily options
    audio/video attachments
    auto enable and disable GPS for maps
    auto show dialpad for outgoing calls only
    black font in launcher
    call block/rejector
    call history during call
    character counter
    default to month view
    dialpad tones off
    disable charging alert sound
    disable low battery warning 20
    disable low battery warning 10
    edit and share any video
    enable add/delete pages
    enable landscape messaging
    faster card animations hyper version
    match state to area code
    no aitodial from call log
    no missed call callback
    no pause of video on screen change
    open to alarm list
    reduce minimum brightness
    remove tap locator
    reset to first page
    ringer switch icon
    rotated battery icon and precentage color
    sign in as invisible on im
    simple shutter sound off
    standby times deluxe
    timestamps clean
    total message count
    unhide dev mode icon
    unlimited recipients
    video camera flashlight
    virtual keyboard
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    also original blue theme is installed
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    That patch still has Package Manager Service as a dependency (which is no longer available). Until the patch is updated you won't be able to install it.
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